Monday, November 17, 2008

Blessings for Kelly

As part of Kelly's Bloggy Baby Shower, hosted on Jenna's blog, I thought I would share what a blessing Kelly has been to me during my struggle with infertility. I stumbled upon Kelly's blog totally by accident one day while looking for a recipe. I began reading her posts and I felt like I could have written some of them myself. But there was a difference, she had a different way of looking at things than I had at the time. There were times that I just wanted to give up, I was ANGRY at God, and I just couldn't understand why MY prayers weren't being answered. Could He not hear me? Was I not obedient enough? Why was this happening to ME? But, I soon learned that it wasn't just me. Here was Kelly, an obedient servant of God, still waiting. But she always remained FAITHFUL. I felt so ridiculous thinking the things I was thinking when here was a beautiful, loving, (as close to perfect as you can get without it being sickening) Ha! woman who deserved this as much, if not more, than I did. But she wasn't complaining. She was willing to wait in His time. Then, a few posts later there was the news.....I'M PREGNANT! I wanted to jump up and down with joy! All of her patience had paid off. She now had a sweet little miracle to look forward to, and, so did I. She renewed in me the faith I had lost. It was in that moment that I felt like I received a miracle too. I let the Lord back into my life. I was ready to TRUST in HIM. Kelly gave me that gift. How can you ever thank someone enough for that??? I wrote to Kelly and explained my story to her. It was like writing to an old friend that had been such an inspiration in your life. Then, in her reply she thanked me! What? I have never encountered someone as sweet as Kelly. She is so blessed and she is always thankful for the blessings she receives. Most importantly though, she deserves it ALL. I know Kelly is so ready to see her dream realized in the eyes of her sweet baby girl, and although I can't give any real parenting "advice", I can tell you this Kelly, teach Harper to love the Lord the way you have. Let her know just how wanted and dreamt of she was. If she turns out to be 1/10 the woman you are then you have done your job well. She will soon know just how blessed SHE is to have YOU as her Mama. Congratulations Kelly! I cannot wait for you to get to hold your sweet angel in your arms.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14


Kelly said...

I am as far from perfect as you can get. And I had many days of ANGER and desperation but I did learn that really my only choice was to trust God and know that He wanted to give me blessings. And I'm praying the same for you.
Thank you for the sweet words you gave me - better than any gift I could ever receive!

Jacquie said...

What a precious post! You're right, Kelly's mom *and dad* taught her to love the Lord... and Kelly is a LOT like her mother.

I don't know you, Kara, but through Kelly's prayer blog, I'm praying for you to receive your miracle, too, Kara.

Heather said...

Hi Kara! Thanks so much for coming to the bloggy baby shower! I love your post and I am praying for you and all the other ladies on the prayer blog! He is FAITHFUL!

LaTonya said...

Beautifully stated. I too stumbled upon Kelly's blog looking for a receipe and found the most awesome blog that made me feel like she was my voice. I am 37, never been married nor do I have children. I so want to be a wife and mother to a Godly man. I have been angry with God because of this and the death of my mother last year. I am taking each day at a time and with the prayers of others and my own relationship rebuilding process with the Lord, I will see my hopes and dreams fulfilled just like Kelly's.