Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello there!

Well I'm back from my "blogging break", and I must say I'm glad. Life has been absolutely crazy the past few months. Prepare for a long one here guys, alot has happened! Let's see...lost my job of 6 years back in December after the company closed their Chattanooga location, instantly got what "appeared" to be a great opportunity and started that job the first week of January. I made it through the GRUELING 8 weeks of training, but by the end of February I had just about had all I could take. It was one of those places that look great on the outside but once you're on the inside it's not so great. After many tears, thinking, talking with my husband, and praying I decided to resign from that position and have been out of work ever since. We are now living on ONE income which is so NOT what we are used to, but we are making it work. I am doing some online coursework to hopefully work in pharmacy and am looking forward to taking the certification exam sometime soon. I really needed a CHANGE. I loved my old job but was looking at going in a different direction. Just not as soon as I thought! But, I feel so much better about the future of my career and that is something working in a job you hate will not get you. My husband has been SUPER supportive and I am so lucky to have him! So, basically I have been playing S-A-H-M to my pups and they have enjoyed having me home to play with them all day and take them to the park. Sad, I know. Plus, a bonus of my unemployment is I am available to spend lots of time with our nieces and nephews,(whom we spoil ROTTEN) and I have gotten to babysit and do all sorts of fun things with them and I just love it! We are still hoping and praying that we will conceive soon and I have a much better outlook on that lately as well. I think I just feel more confidence in myself and am learning to look at things differently, so I am not so sad all the time. There for a while the sadness was creeping back in and that was about the time this angel was born. Once again, Kelly, whom I do not know personally, was responsible for putting my focus back to God. Praying for Kelly and Harper gave me a new perspective on what it is to ask something of God. We all asked and He delivered a miracle in a healthy, happy Harper! So, I know that in His time He will deliver for us. We just have to be patient. Still. We are happy just being happy together. We will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on August 5th and I am working on cooking up a romantic and CHEAP getaway for the two of us....does anyone have any great secret spots in TN,GA, AL??? Fill me in if you do!! Love to you all!


Jacquie said...

Great post, Kara. Glad you're back and things are looking up for you. Still praying for y'all on the prayer blog!!

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I just found your blog through the prayer blog on Kelly's Korner. My DH and I have been TTC for 3 years with 2 miscarriages.

Have you ever been to Gulf Shores? I hear it's amazing. We were supposed to go in 2007 for Spring Break but that was right after my first miscarriage.

Anyway, just a suggestion I've heard great things about!

Kara said...

Hi Kara,
I found your blog from Kelly's Korner and it immediately clicked with me because my name is Kara, too! If you're looking for a great getaway in Georgia, check out the Golden Isles - St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island. I live here, and it's beautiful. It's quiet, and teh bulk of the tourists have gone by early August. Now, I won't lie - it's HOT here, but it's beautiful and quaint and charming. Good luck finding someplace!